Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Malaysian Chess Blog list

Chess development in Malaysia may be slow compared to other countries but the interest in the game is growing by leaps and bounds. The number of blogs alone is the highest for any country in Asia.

Just to illustrate, here are the list of some Malaysian chess blogs that I know of (not in any particular order):-

1. Marcus Yeoh
2. Hairulov Chess Maniacs
3. Stonemaster.info
4. chess.euhong.net
5. Gilocatur
6. Setia Chess
7. Catur Terengganu
8. Syed Chess
9. Masros Chess
10. The Fide Trainer (Peter Long)
Sifu My Catur (Encik Latiff)
Nabil Fikri
13. Capman Chess
14. Bad Bishops
15. Masterchess 91
16 Geng Mamak
17, Planet Catur
18. Malaysian Chess (inactive)
Balendran (inactive)
Jax Tham (inactive)
Selangor Chess (inactive)
Malaysian GM (inactive)

I am very sure I missed out many other Malaysian chess blogs. Please let me know in the comment section or go to the
Malaysian Chess Blog directory page to update.
Not all are blogs though. Below is the list of sites that are not blogs:-

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